We Give Seniors First Class Help
Errand Running Service for Seniors Bothell, WA
At Fetchin For Seniors, we have many services that are offered. Some of which include: Grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, chores around your home, and much more. 

We also provide affordable transportation for our seniors to get to their appointments in a safe and timely manor. Whether it is a doctors visit, beauty appointment, or out patient surgery we will drop you off and pick you up Or stay with you till your appointment is all through.
We are here to provide reliable and caring service. Light cleaning, organization, and even sprucing up the yard is offered. We are now offering Handyman Services with 10 percent discount on your first service. Such as home repairs, minor repairs on decks, fences, change light bulbs, and  batteries in smoke alarms. Painting, install handrails, Assemble furniture and other home items. 


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Del Laudel, Mercer Island, Wa
When I was frequently unable to schedule appointments, I enlisted Fetchin For Seniors. Now, with my excellent long term service, my scheduling is no longer a problem! Jeanie Engebrecht provides the same superior service as always.
Mrs. Norma Jean Cambell, Renton, Wa
I appreciate the Fetchin For Seniors services! It is nice to know I can call on them to take me to my hair appointment and run errands for me when my children aren't able to take me!
Mrs. Kathrine Adams, Bellevue, Wa
Jeanie Engebrecht has worked for me on several occasions. She has done cleaning, errands helped me with personal matters, and served me in many ways! I have been very happy with her and want her to help me in the future. I am so happy to have her as a helper- and a friend! I have known her several years and she is dependable and personable!
Mrs. Carol Root, Bellevue, Wa
Jeanie is quick, efficient, and does her job with a cheerful attitude! Her smile is contagious and she makes me feel good!
Dr Christopher Blagg Mercer Island Wash
Jeanie is a lovely and helpful lady She helps me get to my appointments, shops, and takes walks with me So glad to have her help me!
Mrs. Evelyn Casal Mercer Island Wash
I'm happy I've had Fetchin For Seniors to help me I look forward to Jeanies visits. Our walks and lunches out are fun!
Handyman Service: Mr Don Cruickshank Bellevue Wash
I am pleased to have this opportunity to compliment Randy, for several very good jobs!
Mrs. Ramona Olsen Bellevue Wash Handyman Service
Recently my husband's health has gone downhill, and he can no longer do the jobs that are required to keep our house running and repaired We have hired Fetchin For Seniors on several occasions- once to run errands to pick up perscriptions and several other " repair around the house projects. I cannot recommend this service and Randy particularly highly enough He is very talented No matter the project at hand Hes neat, pleasant, cleans up after the work and on time
He doesn't waste time, and complete the project in a short time!
Mrs. Frances Vervalin Bothell Wash
Jeanie has a great personality and is very helpful and kind!
Marilyn Cohen Redmond Wash Handyman Service
I have used Fetchin For Seniors twice now Randy Price the Handyman does an excellent job and is punctual and reliable He does everything from changing batteries in smoke detectors. sanding doors, and even finding the right wire so that my computer is finally conected to the Internet I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Fetchin For Seniors